About Us

The National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis (NIDEA) undertakes population research to help inform choices and responses to the demographic, social and economic interactions that are shaping New Zealand's future. It does this by:

  • modelling the effects of demographic and economic change at global, regional and national scales on long-term social transformation, competitiveness and productivity;
  • conceptualising, measuring and evaluating options for enhanced wealth creation and general wellbeing in an increasingly diverse, ageing society;
  • researching migration and the transnational dimensions of New Zealand’s population and economy in Oceania;
  • enhancing understanding of the patterns, causes and consequences of regional social, economic, and ethnic diversity and disparity within New Zealand;
  • examining trends, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions in defined populations, as well as a wider focus on health equity and health and social inequalities.

NIDEA’s research programme comprises four interconnected themes.